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The Church of Saint Spiridon and the Cathedral

The most famous religious monument of the city, its construction clearly influenced by Italian art, is on the street of Kalochairetou in front of the Heroes square known as ‘plakado toy Agiou”. In this church lies the remains of the patron saint and protector of Corfu, Agios Spiridon, which was moved to Corfu from Constantinople...

Spianada square and Liston

The Esplanade is the central square of Corfu and a meeting place for residents and visitors, surrounded by the streets of Iroon Politecniou at the east and north, Eleftherias and Kapodistriou to the West and Akadimias Street in the South, and crossed in the middle by Dousmanis street.Built in the style of the Royal Gardens...

Mouse island (Pontikonisi)

Everybody knows the picturesque Mouse island at the entrance of Gulf of Halikiopoulos – it is the trademark of Corfu.On this tiny islet is the Byzantine Church of Pantokrator surrounded by dense vegetation.It is easy to visit as from the beach below Kanoni several small boats sail there regularly. The name probably came from the...

Achilleion Palace

The beautiful Achilleion(Achillion) Palace sits 10 km south of the city of Corfu and three kms north of the village  of Benitses on the edge of Gastouri village.It was built by Empress Elizabeth of Austria who became known as the sad queen Sissy. Elizabeth was the younger daughter of the Duke of Bavaria, and the Emperor of...

Annunziata, a monument of pan-European significance

At the intersection of Evgeniou Voulgareos, Vrahliotis and Montsenigou streets in Corfu, is the Annunziata, a church devoted to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary as well as to Santa Luccia, it was the Catholic Church of Lontsiada as the Corfiots knew it.

Ionian Academy

At The intersection of Akadimias and Kapodistriou streets at Southwest Upper Square of Spianada was one of the entrances to the city at the era of Venetian rule.There the General Provveditore of the city (as he was called then) Grimani Correr started to build a building to be used as  a barracks. In 1823 following...

Mon Repo

Mon Repos palace is a neoclassical building at the east of Paleopolis, the Corfu ancient city.Built at 1830 by the British Commissioner Sir Frederick Adam in the beggining of the peninsula of Kanoni opposite the ruins of Paleopolis, it is a nice building but not as big and magnificent as the Achilleion palace. It has...