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The Ionian Parliament building

At the intersection of Napoleon Zabeli and Moustoxidi streets is the building of the Ionian Parliament.Here the representatives of the people of the Ionian Islands voted for union with Greece which was eventually ratified by a resolution of the Ionian Isles on 23rd September 1863. The building was designed by Ioannis Chronis in 1855 in...

Palace of Saint Michael and George

During the era of the British rule, High Commissioner Sir Frederick Adams in 1819 decided to build a  house for him and his family.So he created in Corfu a unique palace in Georgian style.The building was designed by an English engineer Colonel Sir George Whitmore (1775-1862) and despite its enormous size is elegant and beautiful.It has...

The New Fortress

Another example of the high capacity of Venetians in fortification, and an architectural marvel of art built by the Venetians and with physical labor of the inhabitants from 1576 until 1645. Venetians due to the permanent threat of the Turks, felt that it was necessary to complete the fortifications of the city which meanwhile had...

The Old Fortress

This was originally a natural promontory offering in it`s rocks protection for the residents of the 5th century AD when the ancient city of Corfu was moved here after the destruction of the ancient city by the Visigoths.Converted into a fortress by the Byzantines in the 8th century AD and contained all of the small...